Price list


The following pricelist is for children aged 0-6 months. For children 6 months-12 months please add $50 to each product. Please get in contact for a customised quote for older children, sibling castings and family castings. You can find pricing and information for our pet services on the 'pets' page.


All package prices are inclusive of:

  • A full set of castings (2 hands and 2 feet)
  • Your choice from our stunning variety of frame and matboard colours (if choosing a frame package)
  • A gold or silver, personalised plate (additional plates can be purchased for $15 each)
  • Your choice of gold, silver, bronze, rose gold or pearl casting paint finish
  • Mobile service fee


*Please note our bereavement castings have a priority service fee of $80. We are available to attend all Sunshine Coast funeral establishments, hospitals and residences*



Sculptures are one of our favourite things to create. Every piece is so unique and tells a different and memorable story. These castings create beautiful table pieces and displays. You get to see and touch all of the detail as you remember the special moment they were created and their significance to you.

Our hand holding sculptures really capture the bond between 2 or more people. They are perfect for couples, siblings, mates or the whole family. You can even hold your pets paw and have a one of a kind sculpture that showcases your special relationship with your pet.

*All sculptures come mounted on a beautifully finished timber base with your choice of a gold or silver, personalised name plate*


Baby sculptures

2 castings (0-6 months) $180.00

4 castings (0-6 months) $230.00


2 castings (6-12 months) $205.00

4 castings (6-12 months) $280.00


2 castings (1-2 years) $230.00

4 castings (1-2 years) $330.00


Couples sculptures / 2 hands

2 hands $290.00


Family sculptures

base price for 2 hands $290.00


additional child (0-2 years) $25.00

additional child (2-10 years) $40.00

additional person (10+) $50.00


Pet sculptures

2 paws $230.00

1 hand & 1 paw $290.00


Single casting sculptures

1 hand or foot (0-6 months) $155.00

1 hand or foot (6-12 months) $170.00

1 hand or foot (1-2 years) $180.00

1 hand (2-10) years $195.00

1 hand (10+) $210.00



Timber base finishes

Our stunning, quality timber bases are locally made and come in 3 colour options; mahogany, natural and teak.